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Academic Committee

Academic Committee (formerly Academic Quality Committee) reports to Senate and considers academic standards and curriculum development from a strategic perspective. Faculty Boards and the Standing Sub-Committee on Assessment report to Academic Committee.

Terms of Reference

Academic Committee Terms of Reference

(Terms of Reference are reviewed annually at the last meeting of the academic year)


Chair for 2015/16: Dr Ian Vandewalle

Committee Secretary: Mr Derrick Dykins


Dates of meetings in 2016/17

‌Wednesday 26th October 2016 - Joint Meeting with Learning & Teaching Committee (Annual Review & Enhancement / Curriculum), 2.15 pm

Wednesday 1st March 2017, 2.15 pm

Wednesday 31st May 2017, 2.15 pm


Minutes will be uploaded as soon as possible after they are confirmed. For past minutes not available here, please contact the Committee Secretary, Derrick Dykins by e-mail.


Minutes Archive 



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