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Welcome to the Cornerstone Gallery

The Cornerstone Gallery is located in and above the large main entrance to Liverpool Hope University’s city centre Creative Campus.

Practice and research are at the forefront of the gallery philosophy and exhibiting artists comprise of a wide range in the best of national and international practitioners. The Cornerstone Gallery strives to engage in the discourse within contemporary visual arts through an exciting and dynamic exhibition line-up. The programme seeks to engage both student and public audiences with a selection of thematic exhibitions involving significant contemporary art practitioners. Cornerstone exhibitions are crucial to the student experience at Liverpool Hope and works exhibited endeavour to enhance both their contextual study and the development of critical faculties. The gallery is also utilised across the Department of Fine and Applied Arts, for student-focussed professional practice exhibitions and related seminars.

Historically the gallery has hosted such artists as John Hoyland, Alan Davie, Stuart Sutcliffe, Paula Rego and many others. More recent exhibitors include Michael Stubbs, Andrew Bick, John Bunker, Choterina Freer and Jemma Egan.

All exhibitions are free and open daily for public viewing from 9.30-5.30pm

Our address is Liverpool Hope University, The Creative Campus, 17 Shaw Street, L6 1HP.



The Cornerstone Festival 2018 - Fine and Applied Arts

 ‘Destroyed By Shadows’

Wednesday 28th February until Thursday 12th April 2018

Open to the Public from 9am to 5pm daily


This Cornerstone Festival event comprises of an exhibition and accompanying symposium consisting of two guest speakers, being the curators Michael Stubbs and John Bunker, in conversation with Liverpool Hope University’s Head of Fine Art, Dr. Donal Moloney.  The symposium/discussion event will take place on 6th March 2018 at 7.30 pm in the Capstone Theatre.   This conversation will follow on from the Private view of the work to be held in the The Cornerstone Gallery from 6pm.

Curated by the London artist and writer, John Bunker, this exhibition takes a quote from John Cage talking about Robert Rauschenberg's paintings as a conceptual lead.

"After careful consideration, I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing in these paintings that could not be changed, that they can be seen in any light and are not destroyed by the action of shadows." John Cage on Robert Rauschenberg's, 'White Paintings'.

In paraphrasing and inverting John Cage's Zen-like ruminations concerning Rauschenberg's early monochromes, this show brings together contemporary painters who deliberately discombobulate abstract idioms in painting. In doing so they bring fresh inherently visual approaches to the received wisdoms and theory about the destroyed narratives of Modernism, abstraction and post- modernism. 

By inviting the shadows cast by social histories of art, politics, non-art materials, digital representations, the body and performative actions into the realm of abstraction, this show questions the notion that an artwork can simply be a blank receptor for the ever-changing vagaries of existence or a viewer’s own subjectivity. But, vitally, it also challenges the idea that painting's meanings reside purely in the artist's assertion of control and intentions. The selected artists here open up a new kind of fraught, fugitive space for painting. Caught between these interpretive polarities they explore anxieties about meanings and the shadows of history (and futures) that constantly move over the contemporary picture plane.

Injecting collagic processes that force impurity and base materiality into their painting practice, these artists emphasise the physical properties of the picture plane itself as a constructed or deconstructed surface. They might use layering of imagery, the physical rupture of the support and create other interruptions that are cast across the painting surface as gestural imagery or digital representations. These processes deform notions of the picture plane as a pure abstract space and asks us to reimagine painting as a decentred site of heightened dialectical tensions, where new potential meanings are always unstable but never completely banished.

The list of artists featured is as follows: Dominic Beattie, John Bunker, Neil Gall, Andrea Medjesi-Jones, Peter Lamb, Harland Miller, Selma Parlour, DJ Simpson, Michael Stubbs, Shaan Syed, Clare Woods, and Vicky Wright.


Tony Smith

Tutor in Fine Art

Cornerstone Gallery Curator & Manager 



The Cornerstone Gallery
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