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Student feedback is important to our service as it helps us to evaluate and improve our tutoring experience and helps us to develop and improve our workshops, ensuring that they are interactive and engaging. If you have any complaints, suggestions or ideas that you would like to share with the team, please don't hesitate to get in touch via email to

Please see below for feedback from our students.


One-to-one appointments:

"Very helpful and informative"

"Good advice"

"Very well prepared and good delivery"

"Gave me good ideas and resources to try or adapt"

"The one-to-one helped massively, as we could touch on points that I directly struggle with"

"It allowed me to see where improvement could be made in my reading skills"

"I found that the information was new and I had not thought of this beforehand"

"Information was explained more in-depth. Just what I needed!"

"It was a great session"

"Good time management ideas and helpful tips"

"Very helpful and approachable"

"The mentor was lovely and friendly. Just what you need in a mentor!"

"Helped to put my mind at ease and gave me more confidence. The resources provided will be very useful. Thank you!"

"The mentor was a great tutor - really helpful and positive about moving forward with new skills"

"I'd like to thank my mentor for sharing some great ideas"

"I feel I got a lot out of this session - the mentor really confirmed things and I feel on right track with study skills now. Many thanks!"


Feedback about our Study Skills Workshops:

"Friendly mentors and tailored the session to what we most struggled with"

"Explained the most effective way to make notes"

"Useful tips that could be easily applied"

"Used creative methods"


"Lots of useful information on PPT and activities"

"Approachable help, clear structure and  handouts so you don't have to rush to write things down"

"It was well organised"

"It was very helpful"

"Would recommend to other students"

"Now more confident in lectures"