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Booking a Tutorial Slot

How do I book a tutorial slot with a Writing Mentor?

To book a tutorial session with a Writing Mentor you will need to fill out a Registration Form, which also contains a Peer Academic Writing Charter. This charter sets out the general principles that students and mentors should abide by and helps you to understand what the mentor will expect from you and what you can expect from a mentor, during your tutorial session.  Alternatively, you can ask for a registration form from the main help desk in The Sheppard-Worlock Library. The Learning Skills and Spaces Co-ordinator will then contact you, within a minimum of 3 working days, via your hope email to arrange a suitable slot for your tutorial session. You will be sent information regarding your session including information about the date, time and name of the mentor you will be meeting. You may be asked to bring a section of your work to the tutorial or asked to email in a section of your work before you tutorial slot so that the mentor can prepare in advance. Please ensure you have read our “How to prepare"‎ leaflet before you attend your tutorial. If you are planning on looking at a piece of work with a Writing Mentor then it is essential that you book your appointment well in advance of your submission date. 


What happens when I arrive for my tutorial? 

When you arrive for your tutorial in The Sheppard-Worlock Library at Hope Park, ensure that you go straight to Writing Mentors Office on the ground floor located near the Postgraduate Study Zone. Please note this office is not to be disturbed during appointments, if you have any questions about the service please ask at the main help point and a member of staff will come and speak to you.

When you arrive for your tutorial in the Cornerstone Building at the Creative Campus, ensure that you go straight to the Tutorial Meeting point on the ground floor located in the Student Study Space. Please inform the ambassador at the main help point that you have arrived for your appointment.


How long does my tutorial last?

Your tutorial will last 45 – 50 minutes. Once your tutorial has finished the mentor will record what has been discussed and you will be asked to read and sign this document, to show that you agree with the recorded information. You will then be asked to fill in a feedback form and asked to put this into the feedback box, so we can evaluate our service. Please note all this information is confidential.


What happens if I can’t attend my tutorial slot?

If you can’t attend your tutorial please ensure you email as soon as possible in advance or telephone the Library Help Point on 0151 291 2000. Please ensure that you are not late for your session as it will mean you have less time with your mentor.

Do to high levels of demand for appointments, if a student misses 2 of their appointments and does not inform us in advance, then they will go on to a waiting list and the student will have to wait 2 weeks until the appointment can be rebooked. If a third appointment is missed, then the student will not be allocated an appointment for the rest of the term.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email If you are a returning student that has already used the service, then you won't need to fill out another registration form. Just simply email us with the dates and times you are available and information regarding what you would like your appointment to cover.