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St. Mary’s College

Visit the Library website for St. Mary’s College.

Your Librarians are Zanib Malik and Norra Mahat.

You can contact the Library at St. Marys College:

T: 01254 586955



Holy Cross College 

Visit the Library website for Holy Cross College.

Your Librarians are Jacqueline Ponka and Sue Ginn.

You can contact the Library at Holy Cross College:

T: 0161 762 4519


 The Sheppard-Worlock Library (SWL)

You will need to apply for a Hope Library card.  Please complete the Network of Hope Student Application Form and return to your Network of Hope College Library with a passport sized photo.   Your membership card will then be sent to your College Library and an email will be sent advising you that it is ready for collection.   This card will allow access and borrowing (up to 3 loans) at The Sheppard-Worlock Library or Creative Campus libraries.

How to borrow books

You can borrow books in person from your College library, you will need your library ID card.

You can request for books from the SWL Library to be delivered to your College Library for collection there.  To do this contact your College Librarian (Please do not reserve via the Liverpool Hope Library Catalogue). Deliveries run once per week during term time, currently on Tuesdays .  Information will be provided through the colleges about services during vacation.

Books can be borrowed in person from The Sheppard-Worlock Library with your Hope ID card (see above for details about how to obtain a card).


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How to return books 

Books borrowed from your College library must be returned to the College Library.

Books that were requested from SWL and delivered to your College Library should be returned to the College Library.

If you borrow books directly from SWL these can be returned either to SWL or to your College library.

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How to renew books 

Books borrowed from your College library must be renewed via the College Library.

For books that were requested from SWL and delivered to your College Library, please contact your College Library to organise a renewal.

Books borrowed in person from the SWL library can be renewed six times before we will need to see the book (provided the book is not reserved by another person). There are three ways to do this for the first three renewals:

  • By telephoning 0151 291 2000 during full service hours
  • By using the self-service machines
  • Via My Account on the library catalogue

For the fourth, fifth and sixth renewals you must telephone.


What to do if you cannot get the materials you want, from either Hope or you College Libraries:                

  • Make full use of local public libraries
  • Ask your College Librarian about Inter Library Loans

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How to get support 

To obtain support from your College Library, please contact your College Librarian or check out their website (St Mary’s College Library and Holy Cross Library)

Don’t forget you can get support from Liverpool Hope University Libraries – please see the Borrowing Information and Library Help and Support webpages, talk to your Faculty Librarian or email:

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