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Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle Insurance 


Allianz (Aon TRIO)




1 August 2016 to 31 July 2017 (Both Dates Inclusive)

For full details of the policy including the policy wording and Schedule please email

Before you Drive - You must be authorised to drive a motor vehicle owned, hired or leased by the University on University business by completing a Driver Declaration Form.  This includes staff who are required to drive University vehicles as an essential part of their work (e.g. Estates, Catering, Student Support and Well-being and Campus Support staff) and those who either hire a vehicle or chose to use their own private vehicle on University business.  

You can download the Driver Declaration Form here: Annual Driver Declaration Form.‌  

Once complete please email the form with the following:

Guidance for using the DVLA site can be downloaded here: Share My Licence.‌

Driving at Work Code of Practice: All drivers are required to read and adhere to the following Health & Safety Aspects of Driving at Work

Hiring a vehicle - Important: If you have booked a hire for more than 14 days please email the Insurance team immediately with details of the vehicle registration, make and model.  We are required by law to register these details on our Insurer's Motor Insurance Database.  Failure to do so can result in a fine for the University.  Please check the condition of the vehicle on collection and drop off to avoid the University being charged for damage it may not have caused.

Driving your own vehicle on University business:  Your personal vehicle is NOT insured under the University's Motor Policy.  You must ensure that your vehicle is suitably insured before you you drive your vehicle on University business, which includes travel between campuses.

Driving a Minibus: A minibus is a vehicle that has between 9 to 16 passenger seats. With more than 16 passenger seats the vehicle is classed as a coach.  There are strict guidelines laid down by DVLA with regard to licence requirements in order to drive a minibus, which also differ depending on whether use is in the U.K or overseas, therefore staff must contact the Insurance Section prior to driving a minibus.