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Employee Access to Electronic Payslips

In order to gain access to the system you will require two means of identification to register. These details are already held within the system and are therefore only used as a means of checking your identity when registering.

The details you will require are your: 

  • employee number
  • 8 digit bank account number 

By clicking on the link below, you will be directed to the payroll portal. Below the “sign in” box please click on “New Here? Sign Up”

Follow the instructions as they appear.

Be careful to remember or take note of your “user name” and “password” when setting them up as these are the details you will require for future access.

Prior to entering your user name and password you may want to consider saving this address to your favourites on both your PC and phone.

Your password should comprise both upper and lower case alpha characters, numeric characters and at least one special character. The password must be at least 8 characters long.

                                                E.g. Hope16Uni*&£

From a selection of 6 memorable questions you will be asked to choose and complete the information for 3. These will allow you to retrieve or reset your username or password in future should you need to.

Registration/login address:

Once registered, you can access your account on your mobile telephone. The web address for this is: