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Global Hope in Partnership With SOS Children's Villages

Liverpool Hope University’s links with SOS can be traced back to the mid-1980s, consequently, there has been close collaboration aimed at delivering jointly funded educational projects in India and Africa. The first science workshop was held in 1988 at SOS TCV, Dharamsala and also at TCV, Choglamsar. The initial projects involved one Hope staff member and one student. This was followed by a mathematics workshop in Dharamsala in 1989, an English workshop the following year and an education workshop in 1991. This four year cycle of workshops in science, mathematics, English and education became the basic framework around which Hope’s charitable work expanded.

SOS Children’s Villages is part of SOS Kinderdorf International, the world’s largest charity caring for orphaned and dispossessed children. Liverpool Hope University is therefore proud of this association with SOS and the impact which its educational work has had on teachers and children in developing countries. Find out more about SOS children’s villages and their work across the world here.