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Other Study Abroad Expenses: 2016/17

Please see below the estimated costs and expenses:




Food / Toiletries: 


Takes into account the five meals which are covered by the meal plan

Going out: 


This depends on the individual!

Health Insurance: 





There are free shuttle busses between the campuses- this would be for trips outside of studies.

Books / Materials:

£150 / semester

Buying second hand books can reduce this cost



Number of Weeks

Total Cost

Semester I

12 weeks


Semester II 

15 weeks lecture + 3 weeks exams


NOTE: This list doesn’t include expenses for the three weeks of Easter Holiday - housing is covered, but not meals etc. During this break students may travel abroad, visit UK friends or stay in Liverpool.

Study Abroad student Megan Lusty, Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota



"If you asked me about Studying Abroad, I would say do it - you learn so much and grow as a person.  Money is always an issue but in 10 years you won't look back and think about what you spent or that you played it safe - you'll look back and think about  the awesome time you have had!"

Megan Lusty, Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota