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Experiencing what the world has to offer is a precious gift which most of us do not experience in our lifetime. There are 196 countries in the world today with over 6,000 known languages being spoken, however a special moment in time is when we embrace the increasing diversity of the world we live in. Here at Liverpool Hope University, we honour the relationship between staff and students which in turn offers a solid foundation to support those who are on their journey away from home. Our International Unit is an energetic group of people, assisting our international students and alumni in a range of fields, this in turn channels a great sense of community between ourselves and the students, but also between the students themselves. 

The international students’ experience within higher education is just as important as any other student’s, as well as having more elements to encounter during their time, they offer a substantial amount of knowledge to us about their perspective of the university, but also Liverpool in general. A book has been published to outline the journey of our international students, allowing us to get an insight into the lived experiences of the international students and what our surroundings are like to those coming here for the first time; with each interpretation being unique to different experiences and memories they have encountered. 

This book can be obtained from the International Unit on the first floor of the gateway building, available for all staff and students to enjoy. In addition, there are students who have come forward to be interviewed about their time at Liverpool Hope University so far. These interviews can be seen under the Fountain of Hope page.

We also have an E- Version of the book available for you to download as a PDF. 

Fountain Of Hope 2016

If you would like to be a part of this project next year then you are more than welcome to contact Dr Wendy Bignold to put your name forward and to gather any more information.