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Payroll Guidance for Faculty Administrators

Please note that it is the responsibility of the line manager to establish that an individual is eligible to work in the UK. When you have received proof, along with a New Starter Form, P45/P46, TPS Opt-out Form (if applicable), CV and proof of qualifications, please send to Personnel. 

Authority to Recruit for Hourly Paid Academics

An Authority to Recruit (ATR) needs to be completed for each employee before they start, this must be signed off by the dean and sent to the personnel office. Each department must use the same form provided. Please note that if these form are not completed, with all the appropriate documents, and returned to personnel it will result in the employee not being paid.

Authority to Recruit - Hourly Paid Staff

Submitting Notification of Hours

All Faculties/Service areas must ensure that notification of hours forms are completed for all temporary staff and should submit one Notification of Hours Form for academic staff and one notification of hours form for support staff. You do not need to complete an individual form for each member of staff.

This will enable Faculties/Service areas to keep accurate records of all hours.

Completing the Form

A start and end date for each individual should be provided and the total number of hours of teaching/work undertaken must be stated, as well as a cost centre, nominal code and project code. If end dates are not certain, a shorter known period must be used, and these can be reviewed later, and extension can be proposed formally. For academic staff, please state what grade they should be paid at or the hourly rate if you know it.

Once the forms have been completed electronically, the Faculty/Service Administrator should send the form via email directly to Payroll, prior to the Payroll Deadlines. This email account is based in Personnel and all payroll instructions are verified by Personnel before sending to Salaries for payment.

You should not send payroll instructions for temporary staff or hourly paid academics to either Steve Jolley or Julie Skinner as they will not process them until they receive approval from Personnel.

The Faculty/Service Administrator must then get the authorised budget holder (e.g. Dean) to sign a printed copy and send to Personnel as soon as possible. This is for internal and external audit purposes.


If submitting hours over a period of time (such as an academic term) that requires payment in instalments, please ensure that the payment period is noted. The number of instalments will be determined by the number of pay days in the period of work.

It is important that these are only submitted once. It is not necessary to re-submit these hours each month. Doing so will create an overpayment.

For hourly-paid academic staff, payments will usually be made in equal instalments over the course of the individual's working period, unless otherwise stated. Support staff will only be paid for the hours stated on the form.

Letters of Appointment will be sent by Personnel to hourly-paid academic staff. 

Additional Hours

If there is a change in the number of hours an individual will work over a set period, please submit the additional hours only on a new notification of hours form, stating the new period of work. For example, if you informed payroll in October that Employee X would be working 300 hours between October and April and today you are informed that they will now work an extra 70 hours, you should only inform Personnel of the additional 70 hours and the new period of work, as they will already have a record of the other 300 hours.

Payroll Deadlines

Please ensure that payroll forms are submitted to Personnel via email as soon as they are available, not just before the Payroll Deadlines.


N.B. if the notification of hours forms are not completed fully or accurately then Personnel will return the forms to the sender for completion.  Inevitably, this will delay payment.

There should be no expectation that forms will be processed if they are sent after the deadline.

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