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William Burrows

William BurrowsFrom 1989 through 2009 I was managing editor of Orbis Books in Maryknoll, New York, where I coordinated acquisitions in the field that has since become known as “world” Christian Studies. My fields of interest were interreligious interchange, mission and evangelization, Christian history, and the religion and the impact of global climate change.  My background includes an S.T.L. degree from the Gregorian University (1972), a Ph.D. from the Divinity School of the University of Chicago (1987), and 22 years as a member of the Roman Catholic Society of the Divine Word. 

Since retirement I’ve kept busy in areas closely related to the Walls Center at Liverpool Hope with projects that include lectures on ecumenism and interreligious issues, helping edit an introduction to the thought of Professor Walls, and editing a book by an Italian missionary anthropologist that promises to be the most in-depth study of the intellectual and spiritual horizons of Melanesians as they became Christian.  My central focus is writing a book that is to appear in the Orbis Theology in Global Context Series, edited by Peter Phan, the working title of which is, Mission, Church, Cultures.  The second is a research project led by Professor Daniel Shaw of the Fuller School of Intercultural Studies that seeks to identify rituals and stories in primal (“local”) religions that have been excluded from serious dialogue by missionaries, but which continue to operate alongside Christianity.



Recent Publications


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