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Research in the Department

 Current Research Projects

  • Professor George Mair has recently been involved in exploring the use and impact of the community order and the suspended sentence order; in studying the North Liverpool Community Justice Centre; and the views and attitudes towards force collaboration amongst key stakeholders in two police forces.  He is currently studying the use and impact of low-level sentences; and influence in British criminology.  He has recently co-edited a major introductory textbook ‘An Introduction to Criminal Justice’ (Sage 2017)
  • Dr Michael Brennan is currently involved in a project exploring the materiality of loss

(to be published in The Materiality of Mourning: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives by

Routledge and edited by Zahra Newby and Ruth E. Toulson).

  • Dr Laura Bui has a forthcoming book called “Crime in Japan a Psychological Approach” co-authored with David P Farrington for Palgrave Macmillan
  • Dr Ian Marsh has had a 3rd edition of Crime, Justice and Media commissioned by Routledge for 2018/19
  • Dr Zaki Nahaboo is currently working on a project called Reassembling Democracy: Ritual as Cultural Resource (REDO), with colleagues from the University of Oslo.
  • Dr Adam Snow is involved in several projects.  He has recently obtained funding from the RAC Foundation to examine the future of automated enforcement in road traffic regulation, and is acting as lead editor for a special issue of Criminology and Criminal Justice on the topic of “crimes of the law abiding”.  He has also recently been awarded a small grant from the British Society of Criminology to host a Seminar on ‘Low level Sanctions – The business of courts and criminology?’ at Liverpool Hope.
  • Dr John Walliss is currently working on a monograph on crime and justice in Georgian England and Wales  to be published by Palgrave

Research Excellence Framework 2014 

All members of staff are research active and this informs their teaching at all levels.

The quality of the Department’s research was recognised in the REF 2014 results where almost 75% of our research outputs (publications) were judged to be internationally excellent or world leading. And we have been ranked 12th in the UK in terms of outputs at 3*/4* level. This is an outstanding achievement and we plan to improve on it next time.


Social Science REF


Staff Research Publications

Staff publish their work in books and academic journals, and present papers at conferences nationally and internationally.  Areas of interest include: community penalties, criminal justice policy, criminal justice and the media, the history of criminal justice, resettlement, female offenders, social movements, political sociology. Some recent publications include:

Mair, G. and Rumgay, J. (eds) (2013) Key Readings in Probation.  London: Routledge

Cavadino, M., Dignan, J. and Mair, G. (2013) The Penal System: an introduction.  London: Sage

Mair, G. and Burke (2012) Redemption, Rehabilitation and Risk Management: a history of probation.  London: Routledge

Mair, G. and Nellis, M. (2012) ‘Parallel Tracks: probation and electronic monitoring in England, Wales and Scotland’, in M.Nellis, K.Beyens and D.Kaminski (eds.) Electronically Monitored Punishment: International and critical perspectives.  London: Routledge

Marsh, I. (2013) ‘The media representation of prisons: boot camps or holiday camps’, Law Crime and History 3(2)

Marsh, I. with Melville, G., Morgan, K., Norris, G. and Cochrane, J. (2011) Crime and Criminal Justice.  London: Routledge

Marsh, I. and Melville, G. (2009) Crime, Justice and the Media.  London: Routledge

Aston, J. and Walliss, J. (eds.) (2013) Screen Revelations: apocalypse and TV.  Sheffield: Phoenix Press

Aston, J. and Walliss, J. (eds.) (2013) To See the Saw Movies: essays on torture porn and post-9/11 horror.  Jefferson, NC: Macfarland Publishers

Walliss, J. (2013) ‘Representations of justice executed at Norwich Castle:  a comparative analysis of execution reports in The Norfolk Chronicle and Bury and Norwich Post, 1805-1867’, Law Crime and History 3(2)

Walliss, J. (2012) ‘Lies, damned lies and statistics ? Nineteenth century crime statistics for England and Wales as a historical source’, History Compass 10(8)