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At Liverpool Hope University, we offer a wide range of undergraduate degrees, both as single and combined honours. Such a variety means you can choose a degree that’s suitable for you and the career you want to pursue. Our excellent academic record and supportive environment are complemented by the beautiful settings of our campuses, making Liverpool Hope a very special place to study.

Our degrees

We place a great emphasis on bringing together research excellence and top quality teaching. The aim of our research-led teaching is to ensure that you develop into a rounded and employable graduate to take your place in society and make a difference in whatever career path you choose.

We offer two types of degrees: Single Honours and Combined Honours. All of our degrees, including UCAS codes and entry requirements, can be found in the Undergraduate Courses section of our website.

Single Honours

If you choose to study a Single Honours degree, you are choosing to study one main subject area. Single Honours degrees are a good choice if you have a particular subject area you want to study in more depth.

Combined Honours

If you choose to study a Combined Honours degree, you are choosing to study two subject areas equally. Combined Honours degrees are a good choice if you are interested in more than one subject area.

Integrated Curriculum

At Liverpool Hope University, our degrees follow an integrated curriculum. This means that instead of set modules and module options in your second and third years, the curriculum is set across all three years, with a small element of choice. It means less of a fragmented study of each subject area, with each year developing your knowledge of the subject as a whole, providing you with a more rounded knowledge base in your chosen degree.